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Homeowner Payment Options

We are proud to offer our communities several options for homeowners to pay assessments: 

Through our Owner Access Portal, payments can be arranged with real-time access to manage your association account. Only homeowners whose email address is on file will receive a registration invite. To ensure your email address is updated, please complete this short form and we will send you the Owner Access sign-up information. 

Here are the options for assessment payments: 

Option 1 - Automatic Payment to Pacific Western Bank

Automatic payments may be scheduled through Pacific Western Bank at

There is no charge for this service and is the recommended method of payment.

Option 2 - Online Payment

Owners may choose to use the Owner Portal available at There are many beneficial features available through the portal such as real-time access and account settings, but the software provider (Enumerate) will charge $2.95 per transaction for each ACH payment. Therefore, Atlantic recommends that all ACH payors use Option 1 listed above to avoid these additional fees.


To set up your Owner Portal account, please visit and complete the short form. After submission, you will receive a Registration Invite via email. 

Option 3 - Payment through your Banking Institution

Some banking institutions offer bill pay services. If you choose this option, please ensure that you provide your bank with the payment remittance address listed under Option 5 

Option 4 - Submit Payment with Association Coupon

The assessment may be paid by mail directly to Pacific Western Bank along with an Association Coupon. For coupon books ordering, please submit a request.

Option 5 - Mailing a Payment

Mailed payments must be written to the Association and sent directly to Pacific Western Bank Homeowners Association Services at the following address: 


c/o Atlantic Community Management Corp.

P.O. Box 105007

Atlanta, GA 30348-5007 


Please include your account number and your association address on all payment correspondence. 

Atlantic Community Management’s office does not accept homeowner payments. If you have any questions, please contact or call (757) 473-2626

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